Monday, February 13, 2017

A Valentine Purpose!!!

A Valentine Purpose!!!

Dear ........, I Love You !!! I always feel that;
You are in my dreams, You are in my memories,
You gave me a life and the land of dreams and memories.


There is no one else like me who loves you so much,
Please speak the words, which are hiden in your heart..

Waiting for the sweetest reply of the world...!!!

Perhaps, It will never happen with her...

Valentine Special Thought

My blood rises on a wave of ecstasy everytime I see you,
why does my life bloom like spring with your presence?

The magic of ur love filled words is all over me,
Looking into the eyes i lost the peace of my nights.

Your lips are like the flowers used for praying,
Now, I started counting ur breathe with my lipz.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter Vacation Dairy

My life...!!!

It's flame may be slight but seeing it froms distance,
The wheel of time turns on, the day passes by then night arrives.

Life has spun out of my control; the silence is humming,
Standing the crossroads like this, hiding face from the shade.

Over here in a bed of pain my desire is crying hiding face in solitude,
I have separated from you but your memories are near me.

Environment is filled with smoke and the atmosphere is quite lonely,
The dreams passed, my eyes opened, my wits returned.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Last Day of Field dairy

Addicted in love of her
I am so lonely that even my shadow is not with me,
This pain is so acute that is unbearable
hard to confide in anyone.

The bond which continues from life to life will end with my breathe,
You tore yourself from me so fast and in such a way.

There was no light even though I set my heart alight,
Rays of light are dimmed so I lost in a desolate place.

It's as if time has stopped so there's a strange sadness,
When silence speaks then I hide myself away from everyone to weep.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

These days are not like before nor are the nights the same

               In Field work Dairy's love
The water drops are conspiring with my hidden desire,
These drops that fall on my body, drive me ecstatic.

Do not know from where this feelings came in this way,
Time & again, let this day return and sing the song of heart.

The garden of hope is lost in a desolate-dark place,
A moment filled with laughter becomes a lifetime of crying.

The flower of my heart became only a dust of memory,
Why do i get the feeling that you will be distanced from me?

The days are not like before nor are the nights the same,
In my mind, these intoxicated dreams are not finished.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

This is happening because I am alone...!!!

Me and this World.......!!!!
Whenever I look, People will look there as well,
They want to see where my paths of life stop at.

But I am not afraid of this tyrant world due to pretense,
Otherwise by taking my name, they will make some allegation.

The things they wrote to me seem to shatter my fate,
My paths are broken so there is debt on me with this world.

Hopes are splintered just like all dreams into pieces,
But,this gust of wind erased all to get part from this world.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Please!!!once, just stand in my place and feel my love !!!

Untitled  and Uncountable Love for you!!!

The whole world has a companion but I am alone,
So, I always hide you in the windows of my eyes.

Your fragrance is spreading in entirely in my path of life,
From that day, I have lived up the moment in your remembrance.

Heartly, You're only the congregation of my seclusion,
You're the requisite of my every heart-beats of life life.

You're the sensation of my breath and memories,
Don't break this fragile heart and music of mine.

Now, My heart  feels so alone because you did not follow my route.
Please back like as light rending in the wall as first ray of sun.